As I fall is a reflection of human vulnerability. The person who feels as fragile as porcelain and therefore moves carefully through life. Afraid of making mistakes. Afraid to show imperfections to the public view. The enormous pressure to perform feeds the vulnerability. Having to show the best version of oneself every day is a tough task. We become more cautious, more anxious, more insecure. In our attempt to keep ourselves safe, we get no further.
In today’s society it feels as though one constantly needs to be one step ahead of others. Anything else means failure. As a conceptual photographer I like to make people think about societal issues that have a personal meaning to me. The suffocating need for perfection has kept me small too often. With these images I aim to stimulate the viewer to dare to grow and break the pattern of vulnerability.
I cannot make mistakes
And risk that I will break
I don’t show any flaws
Perfection is the only way

Should I take a step?
I’m afraid that I will fall
I’ll just stay where it’s safe
And keep myself small

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