My name is Marit Goossens. I am a conceptual photographer with great passion for images which at second glance contain a deeper message.
Looking back on life, I’ve always had trouble expressing or even talking about my emotions. Through photography I’ve found a way to communicate and start a conversation about the things that keep me busy.
I translate these (often socially critical) subjects into photographic illustrations. This is my way to sway controversial subject into a lighter and more open for discussion topic. I choose to work with fresh colors and tend to add a wink or a little craziness to the images. This way, they’ll not be forgotten that easy.
'In photography I found a way to start a conversation about things that keep me busy'
In addition to my own projects, I also create photographic illustrations for articles and stories. I recently provided this, for example, for Het Parool, het NRC, het Algemeen Dagblad, de VPRO gids, De Morgen and more.
I also provided various commercial images for brands like Otrium, Viktor & Rolf, De Hypotheekshop, het ONVZ, de Nationale Vacaturebank, and de Nederlandse Kappers Akademie.
After graduating college (MBO) in 2016 I started as an allround freelance photographer. That same year I decided to start studying at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, to raise the bar and figure out which form of photography suited best for me. I finished my 3 year study back in 2019 where I specialized in illustrative photography. Mid 2021 I had the opportunity to open my own studio, which I decided share with other creative freelancers, to learn from each other and have some good company during work hours.
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